Loose Ring Snaffle with Copper Mouth Piece

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Loose Ring the most popular - the loose ring has much more movement and play than a fixed butt or cheek. It discourages fixing, blocking and leaning and encourages mouthing. It allows the mouthpiece more movement so that it may follow the angle of the tongue because the angle of the poll and the horses overall outline changes through different work etc..

A copper bit is beautiful to see. However, it is not just a pretty face. Copper has a use.

Horses are as different as people are when it comes to what tastes they like or dislike. Many horses appear to like the sweet taste of copper and seem to accept their bit better than a bit without it.

Generally speaking, a happy mouth is a wet mouth. When you place a foreign object into a horse’s mouth (the bit), it causes him to salivate (in preparation for swallowing what would seem to the salivary glands to be food). This lubricates the mouth and makes the movement of the bit more comfortable enhancing training. Copper is thought to encourage horses to salivate.

(The small ring bits that are 1" in width are mainly used for Stallion In-Hand Showing)


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